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Local Trails & Campgrounds

Lone Star Trail

Other trails, campgrounds, and council camps will be listed soon.

Lone Star Hiking Trail

This information comes from the Forest Service's guide to the trail.

The Lone Star Hiking Trail is a system of hiking trails that meanders a totel of 140 miles through the East Texas piney woods of the Sam Houston National Forest. It stretches from the extreme western edge of the Raven Ranger District (near Richards, TX) to tits eastern trailhead near Cleveland, Texas on the San Jacinto Ranger District.
The trail is of a primitive nature. It is a small path cleared through the forest which follows Forest Service roads, tram roads, pipeline right-of-ways, game trails, highways, and in places was established by clearing brush and trees through the forest. Because the trail is intended to be primitive, there are no "facilities". Camping is permitted anywhere along the trail, and some suggested rest areas have been designated by three aluminium markers nailed to a tree. There are no water sources along the trail and it is recommended that hikers bring their own water. Water from local streams should be purified before use. The pack-it-in/pack-it-out rule applys here!
The trail is open year round, but a season you might want to avoid is deer season (November-January). Hiking the trail during this time is dangerous and camping is restricted to designated areas.
In wet wether parts of the trail floods and some of the large stream crossings can become extremely dangerous. Most of the trail can be hiked however in wet weather. Firewood is avaliable on the trail ( down and dead wood ONLY) and campers should be careful with their fires. Be shure to check on fire danger levels for the area, and allways makeshure your fire is dead out and covered.


CAMPING "Developed" Campgrounds with facilities
  • U.S. Forest Service-Double Lake Campground
  • U.S. Forest Service-Stubblefield Lake Campground
  • Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept.-Huntsville State Park
  • Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept.-Lake Livingston State Park
  • Trinity River Authority-Wolf Creek Park
  • PRIMITIVE CAMPING "Backpacking" type camping is allowed along the Lone Star Trail. Hikers must carry in and carry out all supplies and litter. Hikers must carry their oun water. Areas are marked for campgrounds with three markers, but hikers can camp anywhere along the trail. The hiker is NOT to over use any particular location, leave a minimum impact along the trail.
    WATER Bring your own water. It is not recommended that you drink out of the creeks and ponds along the trail.
    INSECTS During the hot months (June, July, and August) it is advisable to carry and use insect repellant that is good for mosquitoes, ticks, and chiggers.
    WET WEATHER BE CAREFUL NOT TO GET STUCK WHEN DRIVING ON SECONDARY DIRT ROADS AFTER A BAD RAIN!!! At certain times of the year the water level in area creeks and rivers will rise making parts of the trail impassable. Until permanent bridges are installed the hiker might have to detour around flooded areas.
    Please pick up all litter along the trail, keep is beautiful for all to enjoy. If you would like to volunteer some of your time to help keep the tril well maintained, contact the Forest Service or the Sierra Club.

    Maps of Lone Star Trail near Huntsville:
  • Stubblefield Trailhead about 8 miles total
  • Huntsville State Park Trailhead about 26-27 miles total

  • Section milages are written on maps.
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